Nihon no Mikata: My list of regrets for my Tokyo holiday

As of today, or maybe yesterday, depending on timezones and that, I have arrived back home in Southampton, from only slightly two weeks in sunny Tokyo, Japan. It was a good journey, and a rather memorable experience, even with my relatively sparse command of the Japanese language. The food was good, Comiket was interesting, and I managed to get an interview for my student project.

However, there were still some things left hanging that, mostly due to time or other extenuating circumstances, I regret not having, or in some cases having been done. So that’s why, for my first post about my time in Japan, I’m going to put down a little list of things that I have regretted after leaving Japan…

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PRINT “Hello world.”

I’ll just stick this here while I get my mojo together. My inclination to write is rather rusty, and I’d rather surf, and stare at the screen. But what the hell… At least I’m doing something creative with my life.

Now where did I put my writing mojo…