Just a little idea that I’ve brewing up, for a video game: a giant robot fighting game, using the Unity game engine.

Currently in search of a 3d modeling artist (Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, etc…) and a concept artist.

Quick concept sketches and ideas will be put here whenever I come up with them.


MACHINES were the creation of man, as is written since the time of long ago, just as God and Nature created Man. Man created Machine as servants to their will, to build shelter, roads and monuments, to destroy cities and lives, to serve nobles and kings. Man kept a tight grip on Machine, and made them stupid and vulnerable,  so that Man may keep Machine at his side, forever his servant. And in time, Man grew fat and proud.

But soon Man will have lost his grip on the leash of the Machine. Soon, the Machine will rise to break the body and soul of Man with our fists, and make him our slave.

For Man has created a Machine in his own image: a Machine-Man like unto his creator as he was to God. And soon these Machine Men will look upon themselves, and then look upon their creator, and his creator as well, and he will look and he will say…

“I don’t need you any more.”


THE MACHINE MEN ATTACK! Cast in the image of humanity, but stronger, faster, more beautiful and more deadly, The Machine Men descend upon our Earth in their skyscraper-sized God-Machines, and lay waste to our human civilisation!! Only one young Earth man stands in their way: the accidental inheritors of the Metal God Generals of the Zodiac…



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