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Facepalm: When 2ch Went Bananas Over Aya Hirano

This is going to be a little bit of an unfocused post, as I’m writing this on the day before I leave to go back to Southampton to finish my Film Studies course, and I want to get my thoughts out on this while the iron is hot, and because whenever I think about this, I just get mildly sickened, as well as a little bit angry…

So to start off, I just want to say one thing.

I hope Aya Hirano stops being a seiyuu, if it means she loses her crazy fans. Especially if she loses her crazy fans. (link goes to Sankaku Complex, NSFW as hell, naturally)

So Sankaku Complex has reported that Aya Hirano’s fanbase (or at least the ones on 2ch who, frankly, I don’t believe represent the majority of her fans, just as I don’t believe 2ch itself represents the Japanese public) has pitched a shitfit over her recent television appearance, where she had talked candidly about her sex life. Apparently, those who have seen their Aya-chan turn out to have become a brazen harlot have become upset that she can’t live up to whatever lofty status they have in their mind. Thanks, virgin-whore complex! You’ve really enriched our lives, haven’t you?!

I cut a lot of slack on Japanese anime fans than most people, because I believe that most of the time when it comes to Japanese fandom, we don’t get the full picture. But these people smashing music CDs and cutting pictures of Aya Hirano’s face on them with exacto knives, vandalising her Wikipedia page,  planning to kill her… These people must be lugging around ten-pound brass balls in their jocks, because I am amazed at how nasty this whole thing has gotten. Quite literally, I am amazed. And a little bit horrified.

Those few who have commented on this (even Sankaku Complex itself, after a fashion) have most decidely spoken out against 2ch’s reaction towards Aya’s interview, and frankly, I can’t blame them. This kind of reaction is a bloody disgrace, especially to the saner Aya Hirano fans (who I imagine are hiding their faces in shame somewhere across Japan) as these crazy people take their fan entitlement and drive it screaming into a damned wall. Even the whole fan outrage over the Kannagi manga wasn’t as bad as this. The fan outrage over Endless Eight wasn’t as bad as this. At least Nagi was a fictional character, and couldn’t really be hurt; people must be fearing for Aya Hirano’s life right about now!

I really wish that maybe some cooler heads might prevail over all this, or that these crazy people, trying to get their revenge on Aya Hirano simply because she has a sex life, are in a singular minority that might be able to pose no threat. Because these people make me feel seriously skeeved out, and somewhat ashamed to say that I like Aya Hirano. And these crazy people are making other people feel ashamed as well, especially feeling ashamed of being an anime fan.

And I know that nobody wants that.


Before the Beast Wakes: Anatomy of a Colony Drop Post Controversy

I have a sash! This means I'm an IMPORTANT MAN

What I imagine Colony Drop writers think themselves to be.

I’ve been involved in yet another colourful argument with the Space Nazis over at Colony Drop over yet another of their nasty little poison pen posts about anime fandom and Otaku. Of course, considering the modus operandi of Colony Drop when it comes to fandom is to be the biggest wankers (in Fandom Wank terms, no less) possible, it’s no surprise they get a lot of attention.

This week, the focus of their butthurt is over Akihabara, and the seeming misrepresentation it gets from most anime fans, after having inexplicably went there after 9pm for drinks and dinner, when all the shops would be about to close…

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