I suppose I should stick something in here about myself. Here goes.

I’m currently a university student(BA Film Studies, Southampton Solent University) who, if you couldn’t tell, as a very big fan of anime. I’ve been a big fan of the medium of animation as a kid, watching Looney Tunes, Disney, Saturday morning (or in my case, weekday afternoon) cartoons such as He-Man, Garfield and Friends and the occasional bit of Transformers and He-Man, as well as obscure animation like The Cat Came Back.

My first encounter with anime came when I was eight or nine years old, with my second of life’s loves: videogames, specifically Super Nintendo games. I read a lot of Nintendo Magazine System and Super Play, and stumbled across a review of Sailor Moon for the SNES in NMS. The sight of all those pretty girls in short skirts piqued my childish curiousity, and the Anime World and Irresponsible Pictures articles in Super Play only pushed it further.

When I discovered that anime was here in England thanks to the freaks at Manga Video, I chased down my local Blockbuster Video and rented whatever anime videos I could get.  I watched  Lensman, Venus Wars, and Project A-ko (which I accidentally rented by some strange luck, instead of Odin) and Project A-ko by itself was enough to send me down the path of otakudom.

Now I wish to scour this strange world of anime fandom, and help unlock the door to the true otakudom, free from this passive land of endless consumption and shame. My first phase: A trip to Tokyo, Japan for Summer Comiket where, along with a bit of shrine browsing, bathing and curry, I’m going to see just what it’s like for anime fans back in the homestead.


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